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  • Riders of Icarus 2nd Dungeon
    Riders of Icarus 2nd Dungeon

    As for a pet, get Taslan. The spider that you have to kill in the early stages of the game when you are around level 7.

  • About Riders of Icarus Gold sellers
    About Riders of Icarus Gold sellers

    I don't think Icarus gold buyers are the actual root of the problem. Besides, banning them aswell would make this whole story become even more complicated (in terms of finding them, scouring the transactions, looking through the logs).

  • To address the Riders of Icarus PvP discussion
    To address the Riders of Icarus PvP discussion

    My only problem with them is the fighting assassins, for them to have a damage increase over assassins isn't balanced, they already have high base damage on their skills.