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About Riders of Icarus Gold sellers

Literally almost every mmo has these. Let alone a mmorpg that's still in beta. This is the time to find flaws like these, and test out ways of stopping them.


I do agree that the spam gets annoying, but the first thing I did was turn off regionchat and eversince then it has been smooth sailing for me. That one annoying bot who shouts in general chat, I just walk 500 meters and no more problems.

Besides that, yes Icarus Gold sellers are a problem and they should be dealt with. Rather soon than later. But I disagree with banning the people who use them. 


There are ways to completely stop Icarus gold bots and gold sellers, like Diablo 3 did. However that is clearly not the way that this game has been set up. That's something we have to live with.


That means we can only find ways to try and find people who abuse this system, but often when there's a solution it will be a mechanical one. Because hiring people to actively search for Icarus gold botters and sellers will most often be more trouble than it's worth.


There is a slightly sad, yet completely logical reason that has to do with two simple things in human nature: First, most people will complain no matter what. They'll find things that could make it better, but if the group grows big enough a suggestion suddenly turns into an issue. Secondly it's about money. The developers are far more removed to the actual gameplay ingame than the players are. Most of them will not even see these issues ever. They just create new characters, animate new heroics, design new dungeons, brainstorm new story idea's,... (I can go on like this for a while.) There's only a handful of people who can see this problem, yet they have limited 'political strenght' in the game development to make an instant difference. (Once more I will bring facts for this bold statement: If the director would play the game, and would spawn next to a ROI Gold shouting bot, he might get annoyed. If he had the feeling that they were everywhere, he might just call in his team and tell them to fix it asap. While when the same happens towards a forum moderator, he will get a chance somewhere down the line to report this to someone a bit higherup, who then makes a note of it and throws it into a meeting with other developers who aren't specialised in it so it will eventually get a very low priority)


I don't think Icarus gold buyers are the actual root of the problem. Besides, banning them aswell would make this whole story become even more complicated (in terms of finding them, scouring the transactions, looking through the logs). Which would mean that a solution is a lot further away.


Then comes the issue of the buyer himself. Is he a perpetual roi gold buyer, or is it just someone who had a horrible week, lost his job, wife,... and figured he'd drown away his sorrows while playing Icarus and thinking to himself 'screw it, let's just get that Item I've been trying to get last week but couldn't get to it until now.' and takes a shortcut since he's drunk, down and trying to cheer himself up? Once you are talking about buyers, you are talking about people, with stories. Not black and white 'he's a bad guy he bought Icarus gold'.


Now.. I'm not saying that doesn't make buying gold a better excuse, but you should mention that there's a large difference within the people who buy roi gold. If you have to verify every sale and every story (because who hasn't tried getting out of a bad situation with telling a made up sob story) the jobload would never end. So once you go there and say 'ban buyers' you condemn them all. 


In short: 

Riders of Icarus Gold botting happens in many games, especially in beta. This is where you can take the time and iron out the flaws. You can evade the chat spam

Game mechanic supports Icarus gold bots in a way. More intricate solutions take time and manpower (money) to find, plus there's always a way someone innocent can get punished. All points above make me think that the Icarus gold buyers themselves are not the root of the problem. It is simply a part of the larger picture.


I do hate people who sell Icarus gold, I don't hate all the people who buy Icarus gold though.


PS: Hate is a very strong word. I don't hate them. I get their intrests and their professional point of view. I just do not share that view and rather have them completely gone.

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