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How do you get Riders of Icarus gold in this game?

Making Riders of Icarus Gold is all about pinpointing the best things to sell based on what market you can currently work based on where you are, how much Icarus gold you have to start with, and how much time you have to invest, among other things.

First I'm going to say, shift + right click is your best friend. This is how you split stacks, something you'll be doing a lot of when listing in the Auction House. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is the idea that more is better, and list huge stacks of things for "great" prices that will never sell, because no one needs (for example) 400 Giant Nettles when the taming mark recipe requires 5. Do a little research and split your stacks appropriately.


Elite gear isn't worth the AH slots it takes up, imo. Sell it to a vendor, it'll at least cover the AH fees for more profitable items.


Heroic gear sells nicely with the caveat that it has to have at least decent stat rolls. No Priest needs armor with triple STR rolls on it...just use stuff like that for tempering stones, if you're really hard up you can also turn around and sell the stones.


Aside from that it's all about finding your own niche in the market, preferably more than one.


If you don't mind doing the legwork, harvesting raw materials can net you a tidy, if time consuming profit. Sage Grass and Cherpa Snow Flowers both sell especially well since they're used in Alchemy to make pots, and are always in demand.


If you don't mind tediousness, you can do daily/repeatable quests for a number of taming items, though they sell for fairly low prices.


Taming marks in general are pretty big business. Price it out first before buying the materials from the AH though--unless you can reliably crit/triumph craft a particular mark, chances are you're better off farming some or all of the mats yourself.


The consumables market runs on much lower margins but is much more consistent for sales. Pots and bandages, especially if you harvest/collect the mats, can net you a decent living and save you some roi gold at the same time, since you wouldn't have to buy those items yourself when you need them.


If you're capable of leaving the game running when you aren't around, leveling and sealing familiars is a very, very good business, if steep on the time investment. A large portion of my first 100g was made from the backs of the familiars I sold, most of which are worth even more now if you can raise them to max level first.


Once you have a small amount of starting capital--I'd say 50g or so, you can take a shot at AH flipping. It's pretty simple, you just refresh the AH until you find an item priced much lower than it should be. Buy it, then sell it at the standard going rate. This one takes a little bit of work and a good eye, as you need to know what's actually worth reselling and you often won't have time to look it up, since there are a lot of people who know off the top of their heads. You also have to watch out for baiters--people who deliberately list a few items at a very low price, wait for someone to snag and reprice it at the standard rate, then undercut them with the rest of their stock. Once you're wise to the trick it's easy enough to avoid, and you can make a really tidy profit off of them too lol.


Speaking of, undercutting isn't required to sell items. When sorted by lowest price, it also list the newest items first, so if you sell something for the same price as someone else, whoever searches for it will see yours first on the list and buy it. No need to continually undercut a market for the sake of the sale, something I see a lot of people doing.


Aside from the above, look around and find your own piece of the AH pie. This is all "basic" stuff that you can find in YT videos and forum guides, but is no means a comprehensive list of things you can do to make money. No one shares all of their trade secrets. ;) But this will get you started and you'll find once you do make that first 100g or so, your options for making money expand significantly if you look for it. Just like irl, the more you have the easier it is to make. And also like rl, don't ever invest everything into a single market.

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The Action Mode definitely needs some improvements

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I also got all the materials on my own, from the Albinos to the stones, so a good bunch of hours put into it to save roi gold.

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