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Making Riders of Icarus Gold Guide

-Having high quality gear especially in recent weeks have become mandatory duo to content getting harder ,it’s necessary to be excepted for raids doing World bosses ,parties spamming heroic V dungeons etc.. ,so to begin this process you will first need to make sufficient riders of icarus gold to buy good items with good stat rolls from the auction house.


-Making icarus gold is diverse in icarus, but I can cope it into two main categories, the first category is what I call the lazy type(or busy) ,where you don’t have to go out-side a save zone to carry out ,and it consists of few methods combined into one method.


1:The first one is to Craft items used frequently by the majority of the player base no matter how much they are selling for ,and there are few items worth crafting to further riders of icarus gold figures on a daily basis ,such as crafting phantom ,Karresh ,Terror Kerav Marks ,and on top of those you can occasionally craft Hp potions ,and manna potions.


2:The second method of the first category is to re-sell frequently bought items ,and items necessary for improving gear ,crafting of all sorts ,and rare items such as legendary familiar equipment.


-For items required to improve gear you can re-sell Elite Seal stones, Heroic seal stones, and elite level 95+ tempering stones.


-Re-selling items required for crafting include 

1: Mysterious Fragment (which is huge right now)

2: Mithril Ore.

3: Amethyst Ore.

4: All spirit remnant types. ,and many more.


-It is important to note few things that are absolutely mandatory for this to bring in the riders of icarus gold like irrelevant stats on equipment.


1:Having premium service or VIP is the most important part ,For one thing it gives you a free Auction rabini upon purchase ,which will allow you to watch over the market ,and more prominently it will give you the premium buff ,which so happens to provide a 10% discount on icarus gold being received from the auction ,and 10% off for registering items.


2: Two titles that also remove 1% from both registering or receiving roi gold from the auction.


3: Third and most significant ,Be one with the auction ,learn how the prices adjust through the day ,and re-sell at peak hours.


Doing these things in combination will allow you to get 5-15% benefit from each item you buy depending on how the item is selling ,and other variables..


-Second Method you can use to make icarus gold is by injecting raw roi gold into the in-game economy, and by that I mean doing dungeons and vendering all the worthless items you get to the npc’s ,while selling any item that goes for more than 15 riders of icarus gold in the auction ,one day i managed to bank about 350 roi gold in a day by following this method alone to extreme levels.


-First you will need to do all of Ruins of matren (RoM) ,Carleon mannor (CM) ,Lavalight cave (LC) on heroic V difficulty back to back with elite V of all three dungeons ,This is good because you will foremost find Many items to vender and sell to npc’s ,and the majority of those items go for 20 Silver average ,which will result in huge sums of riders of icarus gold given enough time/runs ,moreover there is a chance you get excellent necklaces ,and weapons lances etc.. that have high-quality stats which fluctuate in price(100-250g) ,In addition to those two you get many elite seal stones which sell for 2.30 icarus gold at peak hours.


-After that little article personally I make icarus gold by using both of these methods, so I would recommend you use both together if you can afford the time.( I have been doing this last week ,to prepare :)


Now onto gearing up, and getting ready for the battle ahead.


-So you are a new player facing people who have spent over a month and a half playing the game ,and want a way to catch up faster ,well here is the guide for you 


-First it’s important to note few things about equipment in riders of icarus.


1: Well rolled armor is considerably better than high level armor with barely any relevant stats that don't contribute to your class, so I would recommend that you get level 25 

frozen gear from the auction with good stats ,and corrupt (will explain in few seconds why two completely different sets.)


2: Set bonus is something very important to consider especially on tanks, and berserks.

(use CTRL+Wheel to zoom in) 

Frozen Set.

Corrupt set.

I used guardian equipment as an example ,because it benefits them most ,For instance if a tank is wearing x2 frozen pieces ,and x3 corrupt pieces they can get 40 Constitution +900HP +Some cooldown reduction as a reward on top of their already existing stats ,This mixing of gear comes most handy when fighting word bosses such as bismuth ,or difficult heroic V bosses such as the naga archer ,or rondo ,as they boost your hp drastically.


3: Sealing slots are what make/break a gear.

-All the familiars in the game can be sealed ,and once a familiar is sealed they increase your attributes if put in-to a slot by a fixed number like 90 Phy.att/M.Att, or 28HP% Defense % etc.. 


4: Upgrading equipment is mandatory.

- To temper equipment I would recommend you buy level 70-80 tempering stones to go from +9 to +10, and level 45-70 tempering stones to go from +0 to +9, don’t worry Enhancing armor in the game isn’t something hard, it will cost you around 20g if you have the worst luck in the world to upgrade an item to +10.

Now all of that knowledge allows you to equip yourself accordingly ,I would recommend you buy frozen gear ,and corrupt gear ,and see the set bonuses that come with them ,then decide what stats you want most ,and get the required items.



1: As I said above re-selling familiar legendary equipment is good ,Well that’s not entirely accurate ,in order to benefit from it you will have to make sure you buy the item via a trade ,and offer the selling player with a price that usually is lower than the auction one by about 50g ,and you will need to take the auction registration and extraction fees into account.

2: It’s important to check the average price an item goes in the auction if you find it in a dungeon ,for instance 15% PH.att necklaces go for about 180 icarus gold.

3: IF you can’t do RoM on heroic V solo ,or it’s hard to do with your class simply do it on lower difficulty, it will only reduce your drop rate, but you will still get the same things.


4: IF you can’t afford allot of time playing the game, I would recommend you re-sell items as a primary method of making riders of icarus gold and gathering, and crafting.

5: I would recommend to get someone who mastered the mark craft as they have a higher chance to get a triumphant.

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