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Riders of Icarus had a really nice peak when legendary gear first appeared

You could improve, search for a better part, sell stuff buy stuff, tame, grow familiars... you got the point, the game was active and healthy. Current state, at least on the server i'm playing (EU-Akaldus) is that everything is on freeze mode. Overpriced items on AH, low sales, ultra-hard legendary dungeons with bad-really bad drops (even for crafting materials), i can't even mention PvP, more or less same thing over and over again.

Riders of Icarus had a really nice peak when legendary gear first appeared

We build our characters already 2-3 times for Frost keep, Cavern of the Veil, Rift and now Legendary dungeons. You all know what that means when you have to have (especially for a tank that i play) good gears + heroic seals. Hold on there... Heroic seals. Every time we have to change gear that means 12-15 brand new or re-raised familiars. I don't want to calculate the time you need for that to be either afk in game or find that precious full growth pots that either or not enough from monthly rewards BUT THEY DON'T DROP! Or even a better scenario is to remove the seal as is and use it to the next piece of gear since it is already mine.; that might help with prices and popularity. I can't imagine people leaving 24/7 their PC's on just to raise something that they will have to waste it in a month; or maybe they are doing it already; but for how long... + i need my PC healthy.


I understand this is open beta but this game really feels like a pieces. Build, re-build, grow, tame, re-tame, do some daily quests, play a legendary dungeon and die 100 times without any prize, do Frost Keep for 3 months and wish for a good drop or Veil or breach... nah breach doesn't worth... do pvp - doesn't exist at all.


More or less, these things caused my server to go down on popularity and still going day after day. Good luck playing along with all that Garme and Agnas 24/7 tamers... 


Well i will do my best and i hope my thoughts will be heard.


1) PvE content. Rift, breach and legendary patch need improvements. Rift bosses are ok-ish and it is a nice activity for guilds or even solo but they need improvements. Try to fight Flam and stay alive from the "ghost" bombs that explode in one place and the effect stay on a different spot (bugged). Kelsier one shots people. A falling ice skill stacks and can do really huge damage (i saw hits on my tank 100k). Of course i can block it after i saw this, but not all characters have block right?


Breach more or less is not attractive to play. No achievements or rewards and drop rate of gear is low. The point there is to farm World Bosses and craft the gear, but a dungeon is always necessary to drop stuff. That's the point and the challenge to actually do the dungeon. Mini Bosses don't drop, that's why most people just rushing to the end.


Legendary dungeons supposed to make a difference between full build characters and non; and challenge people. In current state Legendary dungeons are more frustrating than challenging. Of course you can tell the difference from a 40k+ hp tank 10k deff and a 25khp and 6k pdeff (both lvl40). The difference here is that we both do Frost keep - Cavern of the Veil H5 easy but we are the same trash in Legendary. 

Simple stuff for Legendary dungeons (since there are many posts out there): 

- Balanced damage - those 100k + crits

- Fair Drop Rate - gear and mats

- Doable Crafts (try to drop a Magic Dragon Essence - or farm 30 Karasha's Soul Fragments on a daily basis)

- Improve gameplay and skills on all classes (hold aggro from golems in Lavalight last boss is just broken)


2) General Stuff: I am really annoyed by the seals. Since i have to re-build more more for upcoming patches, updates or lvl increase. We need more Full growth pots (drop/craft) or even a tool to extract the seal as is. Many people spent up to 1000 Riders of Icarus gold already to a single seal with maximum stats (Venomous Caspert, Terror Kerav, Kargyle etc) and they will just throw it away and re-raise it when a patch will come with gear or level up. We got the point of taming and crafting and searching but we are not playing Pokemon here... This needs a balance.


3) PvP content.Playing mmo's is all about PvP at the end game. Build a nice character and see what he can do against others. Climb ladders, Conquer, fight make yourself known or your guild/ally. If you fail, you go improve and try again (adding a bridge between PvE). In current state non of these exist. 1vs1, 3vs3 5vs5 etc. Need achievements and meaningful rewards as well. With simple words a small push from developers to actually pay attention in PvP as well. This will give people a challenge, a reason to play the PvE and improve, a goal and more.


For now, this is it. Lets hope someone will pay attention to these... :)

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