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Riders of Icarus Reveals Ranger’s Fury Update

The dragon-riding MMORPG Riders of Icarus can now expect a shiny new update, just in time for the holidays. Ranger’s Fury will be a major update, slated for release on December 15th.




The star of the update will no doubt be the addition of the new Ranger class. The developers have given Rangers a bit of backstory, as workers “for the Hakanas Kingdom as shadow agents of the special ops division in Onyx Order.” They will utilize the dark powers of the God of Ruin to disorient and disrupt their enemies before clearing enough space to take them down from a safe distance. Rangers will utilize two combat systems, so far a unique feature in Riders of Icarus. They can attack from a distance with the bow, or focus on deadly close-quarters combat with their vambrace.




The new class is not by any means the extent of the update. The Cloying Wastes are a new zone for players level 40 and up. To make sure players can handle the new dangers, Riders of Icarus is also getting an increased level cap of 50. The Cloying Wastes offers new lands to explore, new challenges to best, and new mounts to tame. Landmarks and dungeons will include the Temple of Sands, a decaying temple dedicated to Skatrasha, and the Fortress of Sorrows, headquarters of the Fallen Legion.


Riders of Icarus is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Seoul-based developer WeMade, published by Nexon, available for PC via the game’s website. The Ranger’s Fury update, expected for release on December 15th, is the first time the game has received a new class since Open Beta launched earlier this year.

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