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The Action Mode definitely needs some improvements

Targeting should not be present at all in the action mode controls.

The whole point of action based gameplay is to manually hit and evade your targets without any automatic targeting at all.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised by how this "action" system works...

I pictured it like a real action system, meaning I can attack anytime and anywhere, and if there are targets in the range of my current attack, they get damaged. This is how any real action combat works (like in Vindictus, for example - I hope, I am allowed to mention other games published by Nexon here.

An action combat system also usually has a dodge feature which lets players quickly dodge out of the way, giving you some small amount of invulnerability time. This means, the player must dodge at the right time and often from and to the right position as well.


But here, I can only attack if there is a target in my targeting "cross-hair", and if I happen to check out an enemy far away when another one spawned on top of my head, pressing the attack button will lead my dumb character to move to that target far away, completely ignoring the other enemy which happily chips away my HP while I get out of my "WTFruit is happening?" moment.


Not only that, but I also can't dodge ANY melee attacks AT ALL. Dodging is simply non-existent here. If I get low on HP, my options are limited to either die (because why not, right?), hop on a mount and run, or get drunk from potions. That's it. I can't survive it with my ultra-super gaming skills (I know :D), no matter how I try. If I want to stay and fight, I need to drink a lot of those potions or get OP gear and level for the area I am in. The last time I did this (drink an endless amount of potions) was in point click games (well, games which use the same targeting system like this one does with that Standard Mode).


This is certainly not what I call an action battle system, more like "stats > skills" (as in stats matter much more than gaming skills) system.


Don't get me wrong, I like the game so far (who doesn't like to tame and use these beautiful beasts?), but the advertisement for this game was a bit misleading for me. It's not what I expected, but it's good in it's own category, which is NOT a real action MMO, in my opinion. Of course, this is subjective, and I might even be too biased coming from Vindictus and all.


Anyway, yeah, the Action Mode definitely needs some improvements.


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