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There’s really only three ways to make Riders of Icarus Gold

1.Pick up money directly from monsters or vendor items to a merchant.

2.Farm/craft items of value that other players will purchase.

3. Resell items for higher prices. Buy low/sell high.

If you only do item 1, then you will pretty much always be poor compared to other players because the rate of return for time spent is very low. It’s steady and reliable, but slow. 


Once you move on to item 2, you have to evaluate things like what items are good to farm/craft, what items you are capable of farming yourself, and what activities you actually enjoy in the game. Every player falls somewhere on a spectrum of what they are capable of doing, feel like doing, and how much time they have to actually do it. Some people have nothing but free time and can spend all day doing the most efficient farming runs. Some people have limited time/motivation and prefer to spend their time doing things they enjoy. If they happen to get a valuable drop along the way, great! 


The reward vs time invested for this option is variable depending on the factors above. 98% of the roi gold I make comes from items I farm myself (or were handed to me by an event for free). I have two characters capable of soloing Attius. Each run takes ~10 minutes and nets me 40-300g worth of items. With a 3 hour lock out and only spending 20 minutes of my time to do it, I can make 300-1000 gold a day without spending all day grinding away at less efficient farming methods. That said, some people just aren’t capable of doing Attius or don’t want to do it, so they do their own thing.


The third option, reselling items, requires a bit more dedication in my mind. Some reselling is a no-brainer if you happen to find some obviously underpriced item, but mostly it requires following market trends, anticipating future need of items, etc. This method also requires startup capital. It’s not my cup of tea, but people who are good at it are generally the richest on the server.


As far as actually building wealth (saving money), you do that by not spending the money you earn. Instead of buying that expensive sealed heroic, you craft your own, tame it yourself, level it up, then seal it yourself. All of this requires time and energy. Some people prefer to farm Riders of Icarus gold in other ways and then spend it on heroic seal stones to circumvent the hassle of taming/leveling them. In my mind, I convert my 20 minutes of Attius into not having to jump on Garme/Apocalypse in a crowd, risk failing the tame, spend 2 days AFK leveling if I do succeed, and hoping for a decent stat roll when it finally levels to max. Well worth spending the Icarus gold!


Still others have the philosophy that spending money at this level cap is a waste, so they just hoard their Icarus gold for now. I subscribe to the theory that a powerful character now will be more readily able to tackle the toughest content at the next level cap, so you’ll make your money back many times over by being at the cutting edge.


If you’re not among the super rich, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you compare the prices of the level 25 heroics to the level 35 heroics against the stats they actually give, you’ll see that the level 25 ones are a pretty good value. For a while, Garme’s mark was under 30g on my server. Even your every day player could acquire a couple of those, tame him, and use him in their gear to power up if they choose. These prices will only go down as future content appears. Higher level players mean the success rates on taming will go up for older heroics and the monsters will be easier to kill. Eventually everyone can get heroic seals. You just pay a hefty premium to do it fast.

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which is just more work on your end in the long run, I wouldn't buy any recipe from auction unless I actually knew how you obtain the recipe in the first place. That's just using common sense.

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